14 February 2015 0 comments

Recent Reviews

If you've been unsure about investing in either book and you have a few moments to spare, there have been some new reviews of The Stone of Shadows on both Amazon and Goodreads, and The Darkest Midnight now has two, also on Goodreads

25 January 2015 0 comments

And So It Begins

The Wheel of the Year: Book Three

I've got scribbled notes, an intriguing quote for the opening page, lots of loose ends from the first two books, and can feel the ideas beckoning me into the wood (or in this case, the depths of a blank, digital page).

It's time to get going.

While I'm at it, I'll try to post progress and other (perhaps more) interesting things here and on FacebookGoodreads, Booklikes, and Twitter. Also, here is the book's official page on this site. Not much on it now, but check back in a month or so and there ought to be a rough "blurb."

13 January 2015 0 comments

Many Words...Because Internet.

Aargh. Okay. So, there is yet another flare-up on the internet—more specifically blogs and Twitter and probably Facebook and maybe Goodreads and Kindle Boards and even Snap-whatzit and Insta-whosey and that other site that people link to and it’s usually a thing linked from some other thing that takes you to some other thing.
Anyway. There’s this flare-up, and I followed it off and on over the weekend, and lo and behold here we are on Monday and it hasn’t died down yet. 
I wasn’t going to add to it. For one, there aren’t that many visitors to this blog—and quite often the ones that aren’t bots haven’t come for me or my books but because some search engine brought them to my sketch of “The Animator at Work.” Here it is again, in case Google forgot.

So, not that many people read this blog and that’s okay. I’m not a blogger, I’m an author and occasional animator. I have a blog mostly so I can promote my books (and the stuff on my Crazy Trips was a lot of fun) and, more recently, offer them for direct sale.
I don’t want to alienate whoever might happen by here—human or bot—and I certainly don’t want to call over a bunch of people who want to debate to the point of argument or, worse, hostility.
But I am concerned.
I don’t want to get into specific flare-up details—that’s been done (hence the flare-up; so much re-hashing). Nor do I want to go back and try to locate specific comments in order to prove I read them—and that I read them “correctly.” Maybe others read things but didn’t see the same ones or maybe did see the same ones but didn’t take them the same way that I did. 
By the very nature of a flare-up, there are a heck of a lot of blog posts written and ten times that number of comments posted or tweeted or messaged or—you get the gist. It is not possible, unless far too many hours are given over, to read every one everywhere. I read what I read, and I interpreted it how I did. If my interpretation was/is in error, or what I read was a misstatement…that’s up for discussion. Discussion, not argument. Not even debate. Discussion—and then it would be time to try to track down those original statements. (UPDATE: Okay, so I grabbed a few in the course of writing this post. They are included, but not the source or the names. Is that fair?Not fair? It's a public site, but one so popular I don't want to attract it's...eye. Not like it's Sauron or anything. Or, I don't know, maybe it is. Oh, dear.)
But there have been some statements made and some ideas put forward, and I would like to discuss a few...after the break (click on the somewhat hard to find "continued" below the star...below):