22 August 2014 0 comments

A Quick Update

I'm taking a (quick) break to write exactly what this post is called: a quick update. The book is progressing! Not as quickly as I'd hoped (and perhaps you, too), but is is progressing.

Not including the stuff which seems to crop up in projects that you think are so close to being done you can taste it--and then it turns out you've got all these other things yet to do and why the heck didn't you remember them from the last times? Yeah, not including those things, here's what remains in the way of this one being done:

  • Typing up line edits (which seems to take 5x as much time as making them in the first place; done with pen and paper)
  • Turning the last few chapters from rough draft to revision to line edit...and typing those up.
  • Forcing myself and others to hunt for typos and goofs.
  • Submitting the ebook file to eBookit.com for conversion, testing, and distribution.
  • Submitting the print files, receiving and (hopefully the first time) approving the proofs, submitting for distribution and ordering copies for consignment and/or direct sales.

I would like the first two things to be done within the next week. (Well, I'd really like for them to be done today, but...*brain explodes*) It might take as many as two.

The fourth thing can happen within an hour of the third thing being done...and ditto for the first part of the fifth thing. Then it becomes a matter of how well I "guess-timated" the color and contrast of the cover file and how much money I have to put towards rush shipments.

I would very much love to have all this done so that I may have two books to bring to The Ashland Book and Authors Festival on September 20th. (More on that later, my quick break is over.)

Thank you again for your patience. I'm working. And learning.
24 June 2014 0 comments

It's Summer, so Where's the Book?!

I'm working on it!

I want it to be great, and I'm sure you'd prefer it to be, too. And I promise you, it doesn't make me happy that I've misjudged the time required. (Writing doesn't pay for itself, so there goes a good batch of time.)

My publication goal has shifted to late July, with August as the latest possible. I would hate to write another post like this one. Guilt and regret get in the way of doing what matters.

Okay, now back to work I go! Thank you for your continued interest.

10 May 2014 0 comments

The Darkest Midnight: Latest Cover Art

The latest cover for Book 2, minus all text:

You can see how it got to this point by going THIS POST.

20 April 2014 0 comments


It has been awhile since I've posted--and that's a good thing for those of you looking forward to reading The Darkest Midnight come July/August. I've been dividing my time between writing, making the cover, and all the other stuff that crops up in life plus a part-time retail job. I'd like to say the mid-June deadline I set for myself all those months ago will be no problem, but of course it will be. There's all sorts of technical stuff beyond the words of a story.

But I still think it's do-able.

Part of my prep work (which you've probably noticed, at least in terms of this space) has been to update the look and some function of this blog, the book series pages, and the publishing site. Phwew! Thank goodness for templates.

That's all for now--back to work, for me. Oh, and Happy Easter!